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10 Reasons for you to visit Phuket Thailand (Part 2)

10 Reasons for you to visit Phuket Thailand (Part 1)

6) Buddhist temples, museums and other cultural attractions

With 29 Buddhist temples (most of them over 500 years old) and a wide variety of museums, Phuket Thailand has great cultural attractions for those who want to take a break from the beaches. The main temples are Wat Chalong, considered a place of healing, and the What Phra, also known as Golden Buddha Temple, for housing a giant statue of Buddha, with a history that fascinates visitors.

In addition to temples, museums like the Thalang National Museum, about Thai history, and the Phuket Seashell Museum, with fossils of 380 million years, are also worth a visit. For those who like nature, the Phuket Butterfly Garden & Aquarium and its hundreds of species of tropical butterflies flying free under a large dome are also worth a visit.

7) Old Phuket Town

Before becoming one of the main tourist areas of Thailand, Phuket Island was in the middle of the spice route between India and China, attracting Arab, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Portuguese interested in the rich possibilities of commerce and trade in the region . All this wealth generated an area with an extremely rich architecture that mixes Portuguese and Chinese influences, and great for a stroll along the streets watching every detail. As the main town on the island of Phuket, Phuket Old Town also has a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and shops that are worth a day out.

Old Phuket Town

8) Purchases of all kinds

Speaking of Old Phuket Town, the main town of Phuket is the best place for shopping on the island, from crafts sold on the street and souvenirs in the local market to sophisticated items and top brands at the Grand Central Shopping Complex Festival. Another great area for shopping is Patong, which in addition to shopping malls and more sophisticated shops, markets and has many street stalls selling local crafts, clothing, home items and jewelry at great prices if you are willing to bargain with the sellers (who has expect it).

9) Muay Thai Exhibition

Thailand is very famous for Muay Thai, one of the most popular struggles of the world and a spectacle to watch. And the best place for this in Phuket City is the Saphan Hin Stadium, where fights and fighters with views of different parts of the world happen regularly. But anyone who has too lazy to go there can watch fights in the tourist area of Patong Beach yourself, where cars with fighters roam the streets announcing the locations and times of struggles.

Muay Thai Exhibition

10) Excellent connections flights

The central location of Phuket Thailand, the island’s airport receives direct flights from many places in the world at great prices, making it one of the main connection points for other places in Asia. So it’s not only fun to visit Phuket Thailand, as very practical too.

Finally, an extra reason: the most controversial aspect of Phuket …

The nightlife (and the B side of Thai culture)

Yeah, people like to complain that evening in Phuket, especially in Patong, has a lot of prostitute and is too busy. But so what, you will fail to enjoy about it? Phuket has incredible nightclubs, with cheap drinks and beautiful people – backpackers, principalmente- from all over the world, and is sure to amuse you somewhere in the night there. I remember well a bar that was on Christmas night in Bangla Road in Patong, where a local band began to make a heavy rock quality, and a Thai of less than 1.60 sang a cover of Metallica like a giant and left everyone the very lively bar. It was so fun! So what had either prostitute around?

Patong nightlife

I find it important to know the maximum possible aspects of the culture of a place when we travel. View of the night, transvestites (ladyboys), the ping-pong shows and all the madness of Thailand is a very nice part of the trip and if you avoid by pure prejudice, will end up losing much of the fun. So open up your head, take a good drink and experience the night of Phuket with good humor and relaxation, fun is in the right. And if you want to escape a little from the madness of Patong and Karon, you can always go to Phuket Town, where the nights are more traditional and frequented by Thais.

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