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10 Reasons for you to visit Phuket Thailand

If you search for travel information by Thailand on the internet you will find many forums and websites with recommendations to make the famous island of Phuket off the script by Southeast Asia. Advice that, if followed, will prevent you to meet one of the most vibrant and fun places in the country.

Before you begin to list the reasons, let’s make it clear that yes, we know that Phuket has much sex tourism and Thailand has several other quieter islands. But what many people seem to forget is that most Thai island is not only made of wholesome and European bastards looking for prostitutes, and so deserves, yes, your visit. And here are the reasons:

1) The beautiful beaches (and the stunning sunsets of Patong Beach)

As the largest island in Thailand, Phuket has over 15 beaches relatively close together and considered some of the world’s best, with thin sand, crystal clear water and excellent temperature. And it has something for everyone: while Patong Beach, in the tourist district of Patong, is more intense, with infrastructure bars and water sports; other beaches still remain quite unspoiled and tranquil, as is the case of Nai Thon, Kamala and Hat Karon. Agitated or not, the beaches of Phuket worth the visit. And be sure to watch the sunset on Patong Beach, world famous and definitely unforgettable.

Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

2) Better options trips to neighboring islands

Thailand is my favorite country and, therefore, I will always say that the more time to visit the island by island, the better. But not always have that time and we need to optimize the script, and Phuket Thailand is great for that. From there you can take various day trips to nearby islands, for example, the Phi Phi islands, to visit Maya Beach, “The Beach” movie with Leonardo DiCaprio; and Koh Ta-Pu, known as James Bond Island, in the beautiful Phang Nga Bay, where they filmed “007 The Man With the Golden Gun” among other must-see islands.

3) Water Sports (and various other outdoor activities)

Phuket’s beaches are a paradise for those who enjoy water sports such as kite surfing, surfing and diving, incidentally is among the top 10 destinations for diving in the world, with warm waters (average 28 ° C), abundant marine life and excellent visibility . But the options do not boil down to this: in Phuket you can also do activities like rock climbing, golf, horse riding and bungee jumping, among other thrilling rides that can be made through agencies on day trips.

Snorkeling Phi Phi Islands

4) Waterfalls and tropical forests

Not only beach relieves the heat in Phuket away from the coast and far less known, are forests, crystal clear pools and beautiful waterfalls that are worth the visit. Among the most famous are the waterfall of Kathu and Ton Sai and Bang Pae, the latter two located in Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, great rain forest for a day ride with picnic.

5) The fish market (and all other foods)

The seafood markets are maddening in Phuket Thailand, with fish, lobsters and shrimp and freshly baked and cooked to order by very attractive prices. I was especially passionate about Bazaan Fresh Market in Patong, where I got friends with one of the stallholders and ate there several times better than the other, paying very little and taking ice cold Thai beer to accompany. There are several fish markets on the island, the most tourist to Patong, and the largest and most popular of Old Phuket Town. On this site you read more, in English, on all food markets in Phuket.

Bazaan Fresh Market

But the fish markets are not the only attraction of the island gastronomic: it is in Phuket Thailand that are some of the most awarded and sophisticated restaurants in Thailand if that’s your thing; and also a variety of good and cheap restaurants, ranging from traditional Thai food to Indian dishes, Mexican and Italian. And not to mention the variety of street food stalls, the best way to know, really, the food of a place and, moreover, spend very little.

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