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Phi Phi Island and Maya Beach Your Dream Holidays in Thailand

Phi Phi Island is a God Given Masterpiece 

For those who want to spend a few days on Phi Phi Island, Krabi strongly recommend as previous base. For those still in doubt and want to go to Phuket, I recommend you read this post. I’ve been a few times to Phi Phi Island and Maya Beach and consequently the place really is fantastic. But being realistic, the movie “The Beach” helped make the spot a muvuca, tourism growth is cluttered environment and to see heaven, is no longer so easy and much less expensive.

I first went to Phi Phi Island, in February 2010. For those unaware, Phi Phi Island was one of the places destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. The island is also famous because it is “owned” the beach called Maya Beach , that super famous movie “The Beach”. There are several ways to get to Phi Phi Island (all boat). The most used are the ferries leaving from Krabi or Phuket. I took the ferry from Krabi, but the hint I’ll give now serves for any ferry. Buy tickets in travel agencies and not in the dock. It’s cheaper! I paid 300 baht and like everything in Thailand you need to bargain.

Who has any travel guide for low cost travel, will read the following sentence in Phi Phi Island page – it’s impossible to find quality accommodation with low on the island. This is 100% true. Brazilians who will travel to Thailand only, will still find very cheap compared to any Brazilian tourist destination, but by the standards of Thailand, Phi Phi Island would be Rio de Janeiro. Everything is more expensive there. In Bangkok, you can good hotels in the range of US $ 20-US $ 30 per night in Phi Phi Island, a good hotel with private room, goes to the range of $ 60-US $ 80 a night. I spent New Year’s Eve 2012 and was there a simple hotel that cost $ 70 a night and had nothing special. Phi Phi Island has a price and the price is salty.

It is a small island has no cars and residents use bikes to get around, which some hours can cause some discomfort with the horns and the constant requests to leave the front of the bike through. But only those who went to Phi Phi Island can really confirm that the island has something magical. It is an indescribable feeling it.

Phi Phi Island is divided into two islands

Phi Phi Don, which is the area you can stay and Phi Phi Leh which is where Maya Beach.

Most hotels have services to check the tourists on the pier, then you do not have to worry much about carrying your bags. Anyway, already advance that is best avoided rollaway suitcase on site. And if you are a more economical style of backpacking, forget the comfort bags free of charge service offered by hotels. You will have to walk about 10, 15 minutes to your hostel. The good news is that the island is small. I was at the very end of the beach Loh Dalam Bay, near the evacuation route in case of tsunami and took no more than 15 minutes to arrive at the hotel.

The beach Loh Dalam Bay is good for sunbathing and see the young guys on the island, but the beach of Long Beach (you can go walking and it takes 1 hour or you can take the water taxi) is much better to enjoy the sea .

A tourist attraction in Phi Phi Island is to go to the View Point to see the setting of the sun. The climb is steep and painful, but worth it. The first time I went, it was free, but now they are charging a value of 20 baht for the climb.

Maya Beach is on the island of Koh Phi Phi Ley

To go to Maya Beach, you need a boat. You can go with tour and buy a day tour, which has fixed price in the whole island or you can rent a boat just for you. I did both. I went with tour, because the first time I visited the island, was alone. It was good for the people I met, but the problem is that all tours arrive at the same time and the island is packed too much and you can not even decent pictures of the place. This tour costs between 450-600 baht per person.

Rent a boat also walks with the inflated price. The first time I went, I could rent a boat for 6 hours and paid 1,200 baht by boat (600 each). When I returned in 2011, the figure was much higher. We paid 1,800 baht by boat. Have to be very patient in negotiating and go at the right time to negotiate with the boatmen.

And what is the best time to visit the island?

Early in the morning between 7:08 am and then you can negotiate with the boatman to spend less time on the island and see if it charges less because the tour will be lower or at lunch between 12:00 and 13:30. But do not be fooled! “The Beach” will never be 100% empty.

To achieve super exclusive photos, only one way -. To the camp of Maya Beach is expensive, it costs the equivalent of $ 75-80, but you sleep on the island with a small group of people and are more likely to shoot the beach without the crowds and the huge amount of boats.

Empty or not, Maya Beach has its charm and let everyone flabbergasted. Easy to see why the chose to record a movie called “The Beach”. Deserves the title at Maya Beach and Phi Phi Island.

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